The History of Vetsonic

Vetsonic was established by Ray Rochester in 1989.

Ray has been employed in the veterinary medicines industry since 1969, both on the research side and in sales management. Whilst at Cambridge Veterinary Sciences plc, Ray was instrumental in the development of the milk progesterone testing kits which revolutionised heat detection and early pregnancy diagnosis, primarily in dairy cattle but also in many other species.

Ray was one of the pioneers of veterinary ultrasound and was the first to provide a service for both farmers and veterinarians in the UK and abroad.

With Ray's experience, Vetsonic's product range has a leaning towards reproduction and fertility.

In 2006, Ray was joined by Kimmo Atkinson who has 20+ years' knowledge of the intensive livestock production Industry both on a practical basis and sales experience - especially in the pig and poultry sectors - having worked with several international veterinary medicines manufacturers as Roche, Alpharma and Vétoquinol in the UK.

Together, Ray and Kimmo are able to source and supply specialist medicines and products from all over the world to the veterinary profession; this, along with a dedication to customer care, has proved to be a winning combination shown in the way the business has grown. Indeed Vetsonic are now manufacturing their own range of products for the farm and veterinary market.

Vetsonic is small enough to deal with specific individual needs, no matter how complex or obscure, yet has the buying power to be competitive at an international level. Several major manufacturers have entrusted Vetsonic with their sales and marketing for the UK/Eire market, resulting in a unique product portfolio allowing Vetsonic to become a force in the veterinary market.