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Olmix Range


Superior mycotoxin binder. Advanced, broadest spectrum mycotoxin binder with Amadéite, the patented nano-clay which has unequalled adsorption capacity for even the largest mycotoxin molecules (DON, ZON, fumonisin etc). Based on a modified montmorillonite clay with algal polysaccharides, MMi.S also contains yeast and diatomaceous earth. It is ecologically-sourced and the natural solution for animals at risk from mycotoxins.
Package: 25 kg, Product Code: 10025


Award winning sanitising desiccant powder. Reduces ammonia, reduces bacterial and coccidial contamination, and creates a hygienic and welfare-friendly environment for all species. For use in farrowing and growing sheds, poultry and game rearing sheds, dairy stalls, lambing and calving pens, as a dry footbath, the possibilities are infinite! Shown to reduce SCCs, limit ammonia lesions and reduce stress, can also be used to quickly and safely dry new-borns to prevent chilling. Made from a unique formulation of clays, algae and essential oils, and at neutral pH, Mistral has won awards around the world.
Package: 25 kg, Product Code: 10010

Mistral Layer

Natural environmental solution for laying hens.
Package: 25 kg
Product Code: 10043


Liquid feed homogeniser. Improves the performance of liquid feed by improving the homogeneity – leads to optimized growth performances, sanitary conditions and reduced losses due to digestive disorders from eating too concentrated or diluted a ration. Use MSoup for accurate and regular supply of feed.
Package: 25 kg, Product Code: 10030


Sanitising desiccant powder for equine use. The equine equivalent of Mistral, Sirocco contains a specific blend of essential oils for use with horses. Performance is as for Mistral – creates a dry, hygienic environment and reduces ammonia. Ideal for use in foaling boxes, in horseboxes or trailers, or in stables of particularly wet horses. Can be mixed into straw or shavings or used on its own, e.g. on rubber matting or in vehicles. Will not contravene prohibited substance regulations.
Package: 5 kg, Product Code: 10075
Package: 25 kg, Product Code: 10070

Marine Sulphated Polysaccharide (MSP) Products

Searup Spark

Contributes to an improved immune response in times of stress and at the time of vaccination. For use with cattle, pigs and poultry.
Package: 10 x 80 g, Product Code: 10058-80g

Diet Powder & Paste

Diarrhoea control and rehydration in young ruminants. Stimulates appetite and water intake. For use with cattle and sheep.
Package: Powder 2.5 kg, Product Code: 10035 or 12 x 40 g sachets, Product Code: 10034
Package: Paste 6 x 60 ml tubes, Product Code: 10036

SeaGut Powder & Paste

Improves digestive welfare of newborn piglets by protecting the digestive tract and balancing gut flora. For use with piglets.
Package: Powder 25 kg, Product Code: 10038
Package: Paste 8 x 100 ml, Product Code: 10037

SeaLyt Spark

Rehydrates and stimulates water intake and aids digestive welfare. For use with cattle, pigs and poultry.
Package: 30 x 16 g, Product Code: 10055-16g

Large Animal Health Products


Innovative obstetrical aid/crutch for correcting uterine torsions and other malpresentations during calving/foaling. Please call us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.
Package: single, Product Code: 30125
Set of spare ropes, Product Code: 30126

Vetsonic's Unique Hemicage Ruminal Magnets

Exceptionally strong 5-piece magnet with optimal capacity.
Package: 12 magnets, Product Code: 30106
Hauptner Magnet Introducer: pliable, 35 mm inner diameter, stainless, Product Code: H35060

AG Thermal Calf Jackets

Top quality neoprene jackets with pocket for additional heat pad, advanced 4-layer construction. Retains heat to improve growth rates and promote wellbeing. Water repellent outer layer repels mud and dirt making the jacket long-lasting and easy to clean.
Size: Medium 50-70 kg, Product Code: 30302

Wound Care and Umbilical Protection

Kruuse Aluminium Wound Spray

An astringent and antibacterial spray which promotes wound healing. Acts as a wound plaster, which allows the wound to breathe and at the same time keeps the wound clean. For external use on animals only. Contains micronized aluminium.
Package: 200 ml, Product Code: K161035

Kruuse Wound Plast Spray

Sterile wound plaster spray. Transparent, water-resistant protective film without tar. Environmentally friendly. No CFCs.
Package: 200 ml, Product Code: K161010

Nutritional Supplements


Complementary liquid feed. Stimulates the intestinal function and aids digestion. Species: broilers, pigs, lambs, goats and calves.
Package: 1 litre, Product Code: 10175


The efficient calming solution containing MAH – Magnesium aspartate hydrochloride – for stress reduction, improved food conversion and better general health. Soluble in water.
Package: 5 litres, Product Code: 10155

Growvite Vitamin E + Sel

Package: 5 litres, Product Code: 10127


Supports the respiratory system and clears the airways. Species: poultry, swine and ruminants.
Package: 1 litre, Product Code: 10170

Sacrolyte Electrolyte Powder

100 g sachets for calves. In our opinion, this is the highest specification Electrolyte available. The gel formulation ensures a prolonged action in the gut.
Package: Tub of 15 sachets, Product Code: 10121-15, Tub of 50 sachets, Product Code: 10121-51

Sacrolyte Electrolyte Powder

In 3 kg tubs for pigs. In our opinion, this is the highest specification Electrolyte available. The gel formulation ensures a prolonged action in the gut.
Package: 3 kg, Product Code: 10120

SolviTec Solulyte

A complementary feedstuff for poultry containing a blend of electrolytes, Vitamin B2 and flavours. Designed for strategic use to optimise water consumption and supply essential body salts.
Package: 5 litres, Product Code: 10142


Liquid vitamin supplement for all types and ages of poultry.
Package: 5 litres, Product Code: 10146

Vetsotonic Game Bird Tonic

Complex vitamin supplement for all game birds containing 9 essential vitamins. Aniseed flavour.
Package: 1 litre, Product Code: 10500, 5 litres, Product Code: 10501

Equine Nutritional Supplements


Nutritional supplement containing nicotinamide, to help maintain a healthy skin and coat in horses and ponies prone to summer skin allergies.
Package: 3 x 20 g sachets, Product Code: CAVALE10

Twydil Range

Twydil is a Swiss brand of Veterinary horse supplements, known and respected all around the world for its commitment to research - their product formulations are based upon real evidence and results, much of which is published in peer-reviewed International Scientific Journals.

Twydil offers an unequalled anti-doping guarantee – every batch is triple-certificated prohibited substance-free by the LCH, the reference laboratory of the FEI. Not only is the final product analysed for natural contaminants, urine and blood samples are also taken, from a horse fed a 3-times overdose for a minimum of 3 days, before being subjected to a complete screening and confirmed clear.

The range includes a vast array of products which have been proven to support horses via targeted nutrition and aid them in achieving their potential, whether they are in normal health or suffering from various issues. Please get in touch with us for more information and advice on the complete Twydil Range, which also includes topical as well as nutritional products.


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